Ozarks Federal Savings and Loan Association is different from other area banks. Even our name is different. We were designed differently over three quarters of a century ago. This safe and secure bank is simple and fair by design.

First, we are a mutual bank. Since 1930, our depositors bring their checking and savings here so that borrowers can buy or build homes. Depositors and borrowers automatically become members of our mutual association. Our boss is the members, not a special class of investors requiring dividends. Members elect other members to serve on our eight-member Board of Directors. All business decisions benefit our members, not a family of stockholders.

Second, we specialize in home lending. We’re a bank although bank isn’t part of our name. A savings and loan, or thrift, is a bank designed to serve people who own their homes. We don’t sell insurance, stocks, or “financial services.” We don’t take on risky, commercial ventures. The homeowners we are designed to serve would lose the benefits of a successful, exceptionally focused specialist if we became a big, highly diversified generalist. We’re designed to provide a level of service and value to homeowners that others cannot.

Third, we are as local as you can get. Our members are our master; they live in the communities where we do business and where we give back. (We give tens of thousands of dollars to local causes every year.) These men and women who have their checking or savings here or borrow money here to build or buy their homes know us by our names. All our employees have business cards and nameplates to make it easier for local people to do business with other local people with real names and accountability. 

There is beauty to this simple business plan. We have grown since 1930 from an initial, first deposit of less than two thousand dollars to a bank with a quarter billion dollars in assets consisting mostly of loans on homes in the communities we serve. We know who we are. We are a mutual; we are specialists; we are local. If you live here, you know who we are, too. We are the homeowners bank.